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2021 Isuzu N Series NLR 55/45-150 Tipper

2021 Isuzu N Series NLR 55/45-150 Tipper

Vehicle Details


  • Price: $64,279 Drive Away
  • Year Built: 2021
  • Type: New
  • Transmission Automated Manual Transmission
  • Kilometres: 1 KM
  • Make, Model: Isuzu, N Series
  • Application: Tipper
  • GVM: 6,000 KG
  • GCM: 8,000 KG
  • Axle: 4x2
  • Stock Number: 0300033
  • Location: Huntingwood, NSW
  • Dealer License: MD13965
  • Last modified: 26/01/2022 02:03:01 PM
NEW ISUZU NMR 60/45-150 AMT TIPPER 3160kg Legal Payload Narrow cab for easy site access 6 Speed AMT Transmission Can be rated to car license Tri Tipper also available CALL 8825-1000 for inquiries

All information, representations, illustrations, specifications and prices is general in nature only and may show overseas product features, specifications or models which may change without notice and should always be read in conjunction with other specific materials and information available from Isuzu Australia and its respective dealers.

2021 Isuzu N Series NLR 55/45-150 Tipper

$64,279 Drive Away
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